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Who We are

Trade Net Global is a global trading arm represented considerable authority in universal trading. We place our insight and involvement with our clients to completely help them build their business volume, position their brands and strengthen corporate presence by expanding the import and export of their products.

With our flexibility and ability to adapt to any market conditions, we have grown both quantitatively and more importantly qualitatively. Our team members are experts in international trading, their wide range of experience in different industries ensures our clients get the best trading solution.

What we do

Trade Net Global acts as a Business Representative for the import, distribution, export and partnering of an extensive range of products.

Import and distribution:

Selection of products that are highly suitable for trading in Asian and African Markets.


Wide range of Sri Lankan products for sale throughout the world.


: We facilitate agreements between companies to establish two-way commercial relations.

We provide our clients with all our know-how and experience to help them strengthen the import and export of their products to

  • Increasing turnover
  • Positioning brands
  • Promoting corporate image